Who I am


Hello, I have been a practicing catholic and lived in our diocese  all of my life.  I am a local business man with a wife and six children and I reside in Hollidaysburg Pa.  I have been involved in parish life for many years on either parish councils, pro-life efforts, helping with festivals or teaching children or adult religious education.  I have actively supported the church in both my secular and work life. I am a simple Catholic who loves my faith.   For work I am the Vice President of an advertising company and for recreation I hold a Masters degree in Tang Soo Do Karate.  I am  the current President of the Lay Stewardship Foundation 

Why I do this


Shortly after Bishop Adamec was installed I witnessed a number of practices in our local church which were contrary to our faith.  These ranged from support of pro-abortion politicians to articles from our priests that contradicted our beliefs.  After talks failed with the bishop I began writing articles in the newspaper about these troubles.  I realized that we needed a organization that would not only focus on the errors being spread but to bring truth and goodness to the area.

In all our ventures God opened the doors and supplied all the means to get it done.



Our Focus


Lay Stewardship was formed to provide a means for authentic Catholic teaching to be spread in our diocese.  The name itself  represents the Lay people of the church being proper stewards of their faith.

We look for any and all local opportunites to correctly teach our faith and correct the errors spread locally.


The organization is soley run by donations.  No one on the board receives any compensation.  In fact the board members have been primary contributors to the organization.  Unlike many organizations, the Lay Stewardship Foundation was set up to spread the faith and enrich people lives, not our pockets.